MAICO touchTymp MI 24


The touchTymp MI 24 performs automatic impedance tests, along with multi-frequency, multi-level reflex screening.  The ergonomic design makes the touchTymp MI 24 easy and comfortable to operate.  With the intuitive full-color touchscreen, the touchTymp MI 24 displays tympanogram test results, graphical reflex display and gradient calculations immediately, and results for both ears are stored and can be printed out together.  Quickly and easily check the probe seal in the ear with the innovative probe, and the test starts immediately when a good seal is achieved.  The intensity of the four frequencies on the touchTymp MI 24 is increased automatically until a reflex is detected or the maximum is reached, and the maximum level is adjustable to protect sensitive ears.  Test results are provided within seconds, and tests can be performed on any population infants to adults.  The touchTymp MI 24 is customizable to fit the needs of any practice, and optional contralateral reflex testing is available with either a button phone or TDH 39.  In addition, the touchTymp MI 24 has a 1 kHz high frequency probe tone option which is ideal for providing reliable results when testing newborns and young children.