Micromedical Technologies VisualEyes Spectrum


he innovative technology of VisualEyes Spectrum VNG (VisualEyes) is used for observing, recording, and playback of ocular movements.  VisualEyes is a binocular system that provides simultaneous subjective observation of eye movements, and objective collection and analysis of eye movement waveforms during vestibular testing and rehabilitation.  VisualEyes can be operated via computer or RF remote, giving the user additional freedom to be next to the patient during testing.  With the click of one button, the two eye images can be located and centered for optimized tracking.  Designed for high speed data acquisition up to 100 Hz, integrated external focus knob and built-in software controlled fixation lights, mirrors mounted below eye level to reduce eyelid and eyelash interference, and an ENG option makes VisualEyes is the assessment tool of choice to identify abnormalities within the vestibular system.