About us

e3-audiometrics-san-diego-sales-trainingSince 1978, e3 Audiometrics has been serving the Audiological community in Southern California.  What began as a family-owned and operated business has grown into one of the largest and most reliable distributor and service companies that Audiologists, Audiology Clinics, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Professionals, Hearing Aid Dispensers, Universities, Pediatricians, Family Physicians, Schools, and others within the industry have come to rely one. 

As your local experts, we are comprised of specialized people: trained sales and support staff, electrical technicians committed to providing you unsurpassed service and customer support.

e3 Audiometrics proudly represents the world’s leading manufacturers, offering choices and options no other distributor can match.

e3-audiometrics-san-diego-service-callTo contact our San Diego office:

Address: 909 S Tremont St
Oceanside, CA  92054

Office:  (800) 873-1222
Fax:  (760) 435-1334

Your Local Experts

  Ryan Woods

Regional Sales Manager
(800) 873-1222
  Phil Allgaier

Service Manager & NASED Certified Technician
(800) 873-1222
  • Phil has worked in the industry for nearly 30 years, and is highly respected throughout the Hearing Healthcare Community for his expertise in resolving issues with instrumentation in a quick and pragmatic fashion. We can count on Phil to work out a repair strategy for all our instrumentation. Prior to joining e3 Audiometrics, Phil worked with our competitor for 15 years before coming to work for us through the acquisition of his company.
  Josh Cockrill

NASED Certified Technician
(800) 873-1222
  • Josh joined e3 Audiometrics in 2012. We count on Josh to cover our VA and Military accounts, and is focused on serving his customers working in Orange and San Diego Counties. Josh works closely with Phil Allgaier to keep our customer’s instrumentation up to date and error free. Josh is certified by NASED and provides us with accurate calibrations and repair services.
  Joe Balderrama

NASED Certified Technician
(800) 873-1222
  • Joe has been with e3 Audiometrics for 3 years, and he came to us with a background in IT services. He repairs / calibrates instrumentation in the San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, and has proven his value to us by serving our customers with his care towards their particular needs. In 2016, Joe obtained his NASED Certification.
  Brian Waring

Sound Rooms
(800) 873-1222
  • Brian came to e3 Audiometrics via South Africa and is a valuable asset for his Exam room work and his IT acumen. Brian has been with the company for nearly 15 years, is a US citizen and certified by Microsoft.
  Melissa Brennan

Service Scheduler
(800) 873-1222
  Eliana Rivera

Office Manager
(800) 873-1222
  • In 2008 Eliana joined e3 Audiometrics and has quickly learned the varied aspects of our business and accounting systems. Eliana now serves us as our office manager for the San Diego office. She provides us with dependable support whenever or whatever we or our customers ask of her.

Expertise, Excellence, Everyday - The e3 Diagnostics Difference

e3 Diagnostics is based on three cornerstones:  expertise, excellence and everyday.  These three e's are the core values each team member provides to every customer, everyday.


Expertise is our people.  Audiologists, sales team, technicians and operational support. Across the nation, our network consists of the audiology industry's most respected and highly regarded leaders and business advisors.  We are here to help you grow and take care of your customers.


Excellence is our product and services, which are unparalleled in the industry.  We represent the world's leading manufacturers of the highest quality special instruments and supplies, and our national service team are factory-trained and NASED certified.


Everyday is our ability to be near you on an everyday basis, wherever you are and whenever you need us.  We have offices in your community no matter where in the US your business is, and our response time is typically within 24 hours.