e3 Diagnostics

Devices for hearing professionals who heavily rely on ABR/ASSR to assess the peripheral auditory system and estimate hearing thresholds of infants and young children.


Grason-Stadler Audera™

A complete evoked potential assessment package, the GSI Audera provides a unique combination of ASSR, AEP, and OAE testing in one device. Perfect for any busy audiology or ENT practice, this complete evoked potentials assessment system from Grason Stadler excels in generating high-quality data and making results easy to interpret through comparison to normative data sets.



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Transducers: Insert earphones, TDH Headphones, Bone vibrator, Loudspeaker

Protocols: Default Asleep and Awake protocols or customer specified -- Estimated Audiogram relies on default protocols

Display: ASSR Thresholds, Estimated Audiogram, Results Summary, Trials Done

Reports: Color, Black/White or PDF

GSI Audera Main Unit

  • Separate output jacks for left, right and bone transducers, and a free-field speaker output eliminates time wasted switching between transducers
  • Built-in mains isolation transformer for safety provides isolated power for a notebook computer and an inkjet printer
  • Standard USB interface connects to virtually all of the latest computers
  • High-speed serial interface connects to the GSI Audera digital amplifier subsystem