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Looking for a hearing screening and diagnostic instrument to measure OAE in patients of all ages? We have plenty! Browse our selection of fast, intuitive, and reliable OAE equipment. With over 20 devices from seven manufacturers, you’re bound to find something that suits your testing needs.


Interacoustics Eclipse/DPOAE20

A high-performance hardware unit that can be directly connected to a desktop, laptop, or workstation, the Interacoustics Eclipse features the DPOAE20 module to provide a complete clinical package for OAE measurement.

With the ability to perform detailed test without compromising quality, the DPOAE20 system is a reliable tool for screening patients of all ages.



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  • Frequency Range: 500-8000 Hz
  • Frequency Step: 50 Hz
  • Level: 30-75 dB SPL (70 dB above 6kHz)
  • Level Step: 1 dB SPL
  • Transducer: Dedicated DPOAE20/TEOAE25 probe