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Looking for a hearing screening and diagnostic instrument to measure OAE in patients of all ages? We have plenty! Browse our selection of fast, intuitive, and reliable OAE equipment. With over 20 devices from seven manufacturers, you’re bound to find something that suits your testing needs.


MAICO EroScan Pro + Tymp

The MAICO Ero Scan Pro + Tymp is a handheld, automated OAE hearing screener that provides you with easy-to-read and accurate results in a PASS/REFER format. Just with one button push, you can run up to three tests without removing the probe from the patient’s ear.

Additionally, the Ero Scan Pro includes more advanced features, such as EMR-compatible reporting tools and database storage.


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  • Customizable settings and protocols
  • Sequenced protocols permit a full test battery
  • Test patient of any age
  • Documented test results
  • Portable hand held unit runs on alkaline batteries
  • Small footprint to easily move from room to room
  • Approved, verified protocols can be customized
  • Open templates that can be customized
  • Quick print to PC without a full transfer required