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Looking for a hearing screening and diagnostic instrument to measure OAE in patients of all ages? We have plenty! Browse our selection of fast, intuitive, and reliable OAE equipment. With over 20 devices from seven manufacturers, you’re bound to find something that suits your testing needs.


Otodynamics Echoport IL O288-II

Brining you fully automated stop logic and powerful data management facilities, the Otodynamics Echoport IL O288-II is a lightweight, portable, and PC-enabled DPOAE and TEOAE screener.

With four pre-programmable test protocols, automatic test start and stop settings, adjustable DP stimulus records, and more, it is one of the most popular and trusted OAE hearing screeners in the world.


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  • Satisfies all OAE CPT codes
  • Clinical DP+TEOAE software
  • Proven ILO Quickscreen TEOAE test method
  • Fast screening DPOAE facility
  • Four programmable test protocols
  • Powerful patient database
  • USB plug-n-play connection to a Windows 7, XP or Vista PC
  • Lightweight and battery-free