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Need balance assessment equipment? e3 Diagnostics carries forward-looking products from the world's leading manufacturers of vestibular balance test solutions, Micromedical by Interacoustics and Virtualis. With same-day service in many locations, e3 Diagnostics stands ready to provide high-quality balance assessment equipment for your ENT practice, audiology clinic or rehab facility.

Whether you're looking for a balance testing machine for athletes or a vestibular function test that assesses the vestibular ocular reflex, e3 Diagnostics is the nation's preferred provider of reliable sales and service solutions.

Eyeseecam laptop

Interacoustics EyeSeeCam vHIT

A portable, efficient, and accurate system for measuring the vestibular ocular reflex in response to head movement, the EyeSeeCam vHIT from Interacoustics is an industry leader.

With lightweight non-slip test goggles, it permits snap-on changes from left to right eye recordings. Also, it displays results on a simple graphical chart to allow for efficient assessment of semicircular canals.


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  • Temperature: 15 - 35⁰ C
  • Relative Humidity: 30 – 90%
  • Ambient Pressure: 98 kPa – 104 kPa
  • Storage Temperature: 10 - 35⁰ C
  • Transport Temperature: 10 - 50⁰ C
  • Relative Humidity: 10 – 95%


  • Comprehensive - assess presence of spontaneous nystagmus and VOR function of all six semicircular canals with confidence
  • Easy - guides are provided to help the clinician generate accurate head impulses
  • Reliable – extremely lightweight, superior goggle design to reduce slippage
  • Flexible – can test the left or right eye
  • Accurate – measures instantaneous gain and velocity regression
  • Comprehensive – displays overt and covert saccades, gain and 3D graphics
  • Has the capability to record and 2 playback videos.